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K. Moore

Tyler Perry’s, The Oval

“Tasha has truly blessed my life, in more ways than she may realize. When I came to her, my self- esteem was being negatively affected by the condition of my skin. I had been previously seen by another aesthetician, who didn’t seem to understand what my skin needed to heal and be continually healthy.

I reached out to Tasha, who was so warm, accommodating and informative, from our first conversation. I was hopeful, but still skeptical (because of my previous experience), at my first appointment. I was made to feel comfortable immediately, and she explained her process, through the entire appointment. *Tasha offered advice for lifestyle modifications and product education, to help in my skincare journey. She even introduced me to a wonderful dermatologist, who is helping me from a medical perspective.

After my follow-up visit with Tasha, I began to notice immediate results in the condition of my skin. My acne is clearing and my hyperpigmentation is beginning to fade. Tasha even reaches out to check on me, in between visits! I know that she genuinely cares, and that means so much. I’m so grateful to have met her and I would recommend her, hands down, to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, professional, caring aesthetician, who will help your skin to flourish and help heal you from the inside out.”

Stevonica Logan

Registered Nurse, Baptist Medical

My 1 on 1 skin care training with Tasha, was a very pleasurable experience.  She helped me to embark on a new lifelong journey that will stick with me forever.  She provided an intimate atmosphere, one that made learning enjoyable.

We went step by step over the varieties of application processes and procedures. If you’re looking for an awesome learning opportunity than look no further. Allow Tasha to help you.”

Wendy Jones-Johnson

“Tasha, Tasha, Tasha, aka the esthetician with the gifted hands and kind and gentle spirit. As a client for more than 7 years, I can truly say you have been a blessing in more ways than you know!

From my initial visit, Tasha diagnosed me as a “picker “ & “failure to wear sunscreen”…GUILTY! With that established, Tasha customized my facial and skincare routine. So for the first time in my life, I was introduced to medical grade skincare products, which not only corrected the dark spots, but the texture of my skin!

As one of Tasha’s California clients, she continues to check on me, assuring that I am maintaining my skincare routine and product supply. Tasha has truly made an impact on my life! Your level of care, kindness and professionalism never waivers…you are the truth!!”


“For years I incorrectly mistreated my skin; however 8 years ago my life changed when Tasha took me on as a client. Initially she put that light on my skin which told everything I didn’t ? .

She taught me the importance of loving my skin through educating me what healthy and vibrant skin truly is. At the beautiful age of 59, people mistakenly think I’m in my early 40s because of my flawless skin.

This is all because my one and only esthetician, Tasha Robinson, showed me how to love my skin with some of the best products. Tasha, aka “Skin Snatcher”, thank you for loving your profession and sharing your gift with us. I love you!”

Remeeka H.

“Tasha you’re extremely professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you for the phenomenal experience & for this flawless clear skin!!!! If I had to give 10 stars I would give 100!”


“I have been getting facials for years and thought my skin was beautiful until I started to go to Tasha. The first treatment was ”WOW” what a difference! She is awesome, my face has never looked so clear.”

Vicky K.

I had the “Tasha” experience in Cali this weekend and she is an angel. The time, care, and education is priceless. Thank you for caring for my skin and teaching me how to do better. Lord knows I needed the lesson. The best part, she is bicoastal. Love the products and looking forward to my next appointment. Thanks Tasha!!! ❤️❤️❤️