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Who is Sené?

When many people hear the name Sené they think of her gifts, singing, acting, songwriting, modeling, esthetician….and the list can go on. But behind her power-packed voice and electrifying stage presence lies a story about a past Sené has rarely opened up about.

Over the last few years, she’s begun to not only share more pieces of that story, but has been very transparent, vocal, and vulnerable about her journey of healing and self-care! Sené now understands that her gifts have healing power and she needs to put them all to use in her new journey and create her own meditation therapy program!

Through Sené’s pain she’s created, “POWER ON MEDITATION”, an extremely comprehensive meditation course that focuses on teaching individuals how to use meditation in their own way and not to conform and/or force “societal norms” of what meditation looks like. Silencing the brain or thoughts doesn’t always work for everyone and Sené has a knack for showing you how to meditate in YOUR way so that you can take healing into your own hands!

This mogul continues to grow as an entrepreneur. She’s recently launched her own skincare line Carbon Cake Skin Co. It comprises of products that have been created with handpicked ingredients and that aid in “healing” the body. 

Sené has often said,

“I want to be a person to help facilitate the healing of one’s mind, body, and soul”. 

Between her new music venture, her meditation program, and skincare line….it’s safe to say Sené is manifesting her dream in real-time!

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